Drivers, take note of these holiday gift-giving suggestions . . . The Weego Jump Starter 44. This unit jump starts gas and diesel engines, charges USB-enabled phones and tablets, and powers 12- volt devices. And the unit’s 500 lumen flashlight has two LED lenses that provide 14 hours of illumination as well as strobe and SOS function options lasting 28 hours. Patent-pending Smarty Clamps don’t require someone with “an insanely strong grip to squeeze the clamps open,” Gerry Toscani, CEO of Weego, told KJB Syndicate. The unit is programmed to read/regulate everything that’s happening during a jumpstart. “Connecting clamps to the wrong terminals, too much current, mismatched voltage, or too high temperature are the types of things we’re able to detect and then communicate to the user, while also keeping them out of harm’s way,” Toscani said.

Weego 44 sells for $149.99 is covered by an 18-month warranty. A retro-styled lunchbox includes the Smarty Clamps, wall charger, car charger, and water-resistant carrying case. Simple pictorial instructions are located on the device. There’s also a quick start guide addressing the main functions (jumping, charging, lighting) and a 20-page instruction manual. . . . “Cuba’s Car Culture” is a coffee table book serving up a comprehensive look at this island’s vehicle history. The 192-page hardcover by Tom Cotter and Bill Warner surrounds printed words with 160 color and 38 black and white photos. Readers will find themselves delightfully immersed in Cuba’s automotive culture, from the country’s race car era to the many, many Chevy Bel Air, Ford Fairlane and other classic cars still on the roads today. The $35 book is available at and select book stores.