The SSR – Super Sport Roadster – focuses the mind on the fun factor. Since its debut in 2003, the SSR staked claim to being the first pickup with a power retractable hardtop. With the vehicle in park and the brake pedal depressed, the push of a center console button opens the roof in 30 seconds. To put the top and corresponding glass rear window back into position, the same toggle button is depressed. It’s an effortless undertaking, and it underscores the entire uncomplicated aura of SSR. The pickup’s fender flares showcase the fun of having 19-inch front wheels and 20-inch rear wheels provide the grip for a 6.0-liter 390 horsepower/405 peak torque V8.

SSR comes with a standard four-speed overdrive automatic transmission or an optional six-speed manual transmission. Inside, the truck presents an eye-popping environment via deep-dish gauges and exterior-body matching color accents. In addition to the new transmissions and engine, 2005 additions include MP3 audio capability, a retuned steering system, and revised exhaust routing. Power heated side mirrors help convey SSR’s extroverted mentality as well as providing truly useful rearward views. There’s plenty of stow space in SSR’s trunk bed, which can be further glamorized via a $895 cargo compartment trim package that features a series of polished wood planks. Mile per gallon estimates with automatic transmission are 15 city/19 highway. MSRP is $42,430.