The first rear wheel drive car for Dodge in nearly 20 years strikes the right tones on muscle (3 engines choices, including a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 producing 340 horsepower) and brute style. Magnum gives its wagon an angular yet beefy stance, which translates to some fast road movement when blended with the HEMI and its exhaust fittings. And most will love the pitch-perfect aggressive exhaust/engine howl. Other than the base Magnum (the SE version), the car’s SXT and RT versions can be optionally equipped with an all wheel drive system. Transmissions are a 4-speed automatic with overdrive and a 5-speed automatic that’s standard on the RT and included with the AWD option.

In an industry first, the HEMI-fitted Magnum uses a Multiple Displacement System, which seamlessly – really – employs either four cylinders or all eight cylinders as needed. The result is a fuel efficiency gain up to 20 percent. For the Magnum with HEMI and 5-speed automatic/Autostick transmission, the mile per gallon estimate is 17 city/25 highway. There are a whopping number of goodies to adore about Magnum, but the brakes seem a bit numb at times and are somewhat noisy with hard stops. In addition, the rear wiper blade doesn’t clear a big enough window swath. Yet, even with those relatively minor complaints, Magnum is a great newcomer. MSRP of Dodge Magnum RT is $29,370.