This is another vehicle that has a number of things that are really good (like the easy-to-accomplish fold-in-the-floor third row seating) and a few things that are just ok (like a hood angle that impedes full forward vision). Freestyle is not classified as a minivan or as an SUV, but it does combine the attributes of a few vehicle styles, thus the crossover classification. To give perspective on its strength, when properly equipped the Freestyle has a maximum towing capacity of 2,000 pounds. Two trims of the vehicle (the SE and SEL) offer 17-inch wheels, while Freestyle Limited offers 18-inch wheels. Freestyle is not a lightweight vehicle, tipping the scales at 3,959 pounds for front wheel drive and 4,112 pounds for all wheel drive.

Freestyle is powered by a 3.0-liter V6 with 203 horsepower and 207 pounds-feet of peak torque at 4500 rpm, but the vehicle could use more immediate acceleration. A new continuously variable transmission uses variable input and output pulleys (connected by a chain loop) to vary gear ratios based on the specific driving situation. Freestyle has a fully independent suspension with a total suspension travel of 3.5 inches of jounce and 4 inches of rebound. There is a great deal of storage space. Even without the third row seat upright, the vehicle provides 22.5 cubic feet of space. MSRP is $28,545.